Camera drapes

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Camera drape Fairmont

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Fairmont Medical:
Disposable camera cover
The ultimate sterile barrier
A camera sleeve system that offers 100% sterility. The adaptor sleeves unique system allows safe, quick and easy application.

  • Reduces the need for expensive inventories of camera systems
  • Fast, between case, camera turnaround times
  • Allows non-dismantable camera system users to comply with standards
  • Enclosed design provides 100% protection from unwanted deposits of organic buildup inside the inaccessible crevices of the camera coupler mechanisms

Camera drape P3 Medical

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P3 Medical:
Camera drape - Concentric Ring Style, with TPE end

  • Ring style drapes ensure easy and efficient applications without compromising sterility
  • Drape is fully contained within the ring and can be simply pulled back over camera and cable
  • Any excess material remains securely inside the ring
  • Available with 3 different closures
  • Sterile, single-use