Spiral Drain

Redax Spiral Drain™ is the unique spiral fluted drain on the market, providing an innovative solution for many surgical applications ranging from cardio-thoracic and general surgery to plastic surgery. Ideal for:

• Cardio-thoracic surgery
• Plastic surgeryAbdominal surgery
• Mini-Sternotomy cardiac procedure
• VAT-Video Assisted Thorascopy us


Why Spiral Drain?

  • Maintains capillary effect in any situations.
  • Works in every position.
  • Allows a continuous and effective drainage avoiding tissue trauma.
  • Increases patient’s comfort through atraumatic profile.

High drainage performance

The spiral shape along the product permits total drainage along the wound positioning. When drain is inserted in wound the profile guarantees, on wound area , capillary drainage due to its unique design. When clotted matter blocks duct,an alternative one is available by effect of spiral profile.

Features and benefits

- Drains also when subject to tractions or unusual positioning.

- Spiral design offers alternative drainage routes to eliminate blocking from bloodclots.

- Four narrow helical ducts enhance drainage flow as much as ten times the standard fluted performance

- Higher efficiency allowing use of a smaller size than a standard fenestrated drain.

Product details

Unique characteristics

  • Drainage surface of 12cm2 compared to 4cm2 of standard drain with fenestration.
  • High patency without internal lumen reduction by effect of a very smooth melting point.
  • Ensures atraumatic capillary effect along 30cm of drainage length.
  • Easy X-ray identification by effect of total radiopaque profile.
  • The wide range of sizes from 7 to 24 CH lets surgeons match the right drain to the procedure especially in those requiring large drainage tubes.

High patient comfort

  • Four spiral ducts minimize tissue invagination.
  • Less tissue trauma and small bore size reduce pain for patient.
  • Three Face atraumatic trocar needle reduce punching effect.
  • Less patient discomfort upon removal allowing early mobilization.