OCTO™ Port

OCTO™ Port is the most advanced multi-channel port and its name originates from the octopus which is known as a supple and the smartest mollusk among the sea creatures.


OCTO™ Port, with flexible movement of channels and its creative features, gives you excellent support for any surgical operations. Star sealing system, one of the major features of OCTO™ Port, prevents the gas leakage while it gives a firm and soft grasp of the instrument.

Each port is made of flexible and solid silicon material and satisfies different surgical environments with various diameters, 5mm-12mm. D-filter, provided together with OCTO™ Port, filters out hazardous surgical smoke which generated during the surgical operation with its double charcoal filters to secure the safety of the operation team as well as the patient. It provides 3 types of retractors considering different condition of the patients to enable a more precise surgical operation.