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OBSiDiAN ASG® study - The promising results

First study published shows significantly reduced anastomotic leakage rate through the use of OBSiDiAN ASG®.

Surgical Smoke: the unknown hazard in the operating theatre

For some years now, various non-invasive techniques have been favored in surgery, including laparoscopy. This technique reduces the risk of post-operative complications, thus improving the patient’s comfort after the procedure. However, this technique is not without risks: toxic fumes are produced during the surgery, exposing the operating room staff to health risks.

Reducing waste in Operating Theatres with Resposable™ solutions

Our partner Surgical Innovations has been leading the way in the reduction of plastic disposable since 1992. The innovative design of Resposable™ ranges provides a high-quality instrument with the clinical benefits of a small disposable element