Breaking the spiral of post-operative pain in hernia mesh fixation.

Advanced design LIQUIBANDFIX8® offers accurate fixation and was designed for patient safety.

Features and Benefits

Designed for atraumatic hernia mesh fixation

Innovative liquid anchors result in strong hernia mesh fixation reducing the risk of some common post operative complications such as:

  • Neuralgia1
  • Paresthesia1
  • Mechanical Tissue Trauma1

Precise and Ergonomic Design

Innovative design offers easy handling and controlled delivery of liquid anchors.

  • Non-Sticking / Atraumatic Tip
  • Quantity Indicator
  • Controlled Delivery Trigger
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Safe and Secure
    LIQUIBANDFIX8 has proven to have higher shear strength as compared to an advanced tacking device
  • Patient Care
    LIQUIBANDFIX8 device was shown to have a low incidence of post-operative pain in hernia mesh fixation2




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2: A novel glue device for fixation of mesh and peritoneal closure during laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair: short and medium-term results; Dauser B, Szyszkowitz A, Seitinger G, Fortelny RH, Herbst F. 2016
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